Where isn't the party?

Who are we?

cocktail gator travel bar with ice bin and cup dispenser

Cocktail Gator is a company in Rochester, NY founded by a couple who enjoy mixed drinks over beer.
As an active couple, my wife and I enjoy camping, boating, tailgating, traveling, and partying with friends. When we are out we prefer mixing cocktails rather than cracking open a beer. Over the years we have tried tote bags with clanking bottles. We've carried plastic bags for shakers, cups and straws. We had a separate cooler for fresh ice, but someone always stuck their beer in it. We knew that there had to be a better way. As an engineer, I decided to solve the problem. I wanted to create a carry bag about the size of a traditional beer cooler that would hold all the stuff we needed to mix our favorite drinks. The ultimate alcohol carrying bag would store our favorite liquors and mixers with individual holders to keep bottles from rattling together. It needed to be insulated and keep clean ice. It needed to dispense plenty of cups, because you never know when friends might stop by. I wanted extra spots to carry bottles for our favorite shots and lots of storage. It needed to hold shot glasses, shakers, strainers, cork screws, stir sticks, straws, and every thing a bartender might need to make the perfect refreshment. I didn't find a place for the blender, but I do recommend a gas powered blender as the perfect accessory to the Cocktail Gator. I wanted my personal liquor carry case to say "the bar is open" so I added a mirror for some bling. I originally had LED lights as well, but decided they were cost prohibitive. I took them out of the final concept. So now there is no blender, no lights, and the bag does not come stocked with alcohol; however, it is the best way to carry your mixed drinks away from home. I spent months testing the Cocktail gator, and the enthusiasm of everyone I served was overwhelming. I am pleased to be able to offer this bag to all my friends and fellow mixed drink lovers. Each bag is made in the USA with the finest and most durable material. I partnered with a company that produces military gear to make the toughest bag possible. The Cocktail Gator comes with a one year guarantee against any manufacturing defects.

If you like cocktails away from home , you will absolutely love the Cocktail Gator.