The limited edition back pack

Holds eight large bottles, 10 miniature bottles, ice bin, and cup dispenser

This cooler is a crowd pleaser! Perfect to leave in your boat or RV. Great for camping and tailgating. We put two straps on it because it can be a two man carry (or one big man). Similar to conventional cooler, you may not want to take this hiking. My friend Jimmy explains this cooler best "With the Mega Gator, I am the Bar!"


the practical guide book

Holds four large bottles,two small bottles, ice bin, and cup dispenser

Our best selling cooler is great for couples and small groups of friends. It has plenty of room for a variety of drinks. Perfect to tote along with you at parties. Bring your favorite mixed drinks tailgating, camping and boating. My personal favorite!

Holds four large bottles, ice bin, and cup dispenser

This back pack cooler is great on the go! Bring your drinks with you even when traveling off the beaten path. These custom Back Packs were designed for the holiday season.

"Supplies are limited, First come first serve"


The walkabout COCKTAIL GATOR

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Holds four large bottles,two small bottles, ice bin, and cup dispenser

We added wheels to our best seller, because some thought the Walk About was too heavy when completely filled (it never weighs less than what you put in it). A great choice if you would rather roll your favorite mixed drinks to where ever and get the party started!

Makes a Great Gift

Fill this book with 16 of your favorite miniature 50 ml bottles. Better than a flask because you can carry different flavors. This small and compact book can be carried anywhere you want to mix drinks. There are no actual drink recipes in the the book. Just the fun stuff!

cocktail gator travel bar with ice bin and cup dispenser

Where isn't the party?