Where isn't the party?

cocktail gator travel bar with ice bin and cup dispenser

Afternoon cocktails are usually about the weather. A drink by the pool on a warm summer day, might be quite different than a beverage enjoyed in a hot tub on the slopes of Vermont. So I will go seasonal  with my fall favorites.

The easiest crowd to please! When you have a Cocktail Gator late night, it's like my friend Jimmy from New Jersey says, "I am the bar!"

Headed out early to the big game? Maybe your boarding a bus for a girls private shopping adventure. Here are some ideas that are sure to be a crowd pleaser.

The Walkabout - Bloody Marys and Mimosas

Fill the 4 large holders with vodka, tomato juice, champagne and, orange  juice. Fill the smaller holders with a stainless steel shaker and a jar of horse radish. Put a plastic spoon, some hot sauce, a bag of celery sticks, and bit of black pepper in the front pocket. The breakfast of champions.

The Mega Cocktail Gator - Bloody Marys, Mimosas, &  White Russians

Fill the bag with the stuff mentioned above, then add quart of half and half. I add a small freezer bag of ice next to it. The center ice will keep it cool, but I like it extra cold. Add a bottle of Kalua to finish off the Russians. Add a bottle of Bailey's Irish Cream to bring any coffee drinkers over from the dark side. The last spot can be used for extra champagne or vodka, depending on your audience.

This is by far the most popular time to enjoy mixed drinks. Therefor, it is the hardest time to cover all your options. Your best bet is to stock your favorite and what ever your significant other or closest friends might enjoy. Here's what I do.

The Walkabout - 7&7  and Rum & Coke

Can't go wrong with my two favorites. Some times I leave the rum & coke behind and add vodka and pink lemonade. Then I put a stainless steel shaker and a small bottle of raspberry brandy in the smaller spots. The vodka, lemonade, and brandy make a tasty little shot I like to call a Pink Panty Peeler. I put a stack of small plastic cups in the front pocket for shot glasses.

The Mega Cocktail Gator - Whisky, Vodka, Gin, & Rum

The large bag has plenty of room for everybody's favorites. Cover the basics and add some common mixers such as coke, tonic water, orange juice, cranberry juice. Fill the miniature bottle holders with a selection of top shelf whisky and flavored vodkas. You can't go wrong with these options.

I have created this section to share some fun ways to pack up your Cocktail Gator. The art of mixing drinks is a social science that varies greatly by region, age group, and social status. I hope to provide some fun ideas that may help promote your own creativity. If you have a sophisticated palate for fine spirits you probably won't want to take advice from an alligator with a red solo cup. However; I welcome all feed back, not only to educate myself on the phenomenon of mixology, but to improve this section for future guests.

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